Mission Statement

It is the mission of Snow Chain Rescue to rescue snowbound, stranded families quickly and safely by delivering and installing snow chains to the roadside, their homes and businesses.  Our installers have been trained to work with military precision, using safety procedures that are modeled after law enforcement.  Organized by the most advanced technology and software available, we battle the worst weather conditions our rescuees may have ever experienced to provide the proper services and products needed to keep roadways clear and to promote the safety of the motoring public during the entire winter season.

Our Dispatchers

Snow Chain Rescue dispatchers will receive your call and dispatch an installer in a timely fashion.  Our installers are aware that your family is stuck in a snow storm with bad road conditions.  Please make sure you are able to provide them with as much information as possible to ensure they accurately can dispatch your installer.

Our Road Service Crew

Snow Chain Rescue installers are ranked into three levels of service. Trained to deliver and install the correct traction devices in accordance with state laws, they will quickly arrive and get you on your way.  All of our installers undergo background checks and are qualified to manage the scene of a disabled vehicle in a safe and efficient manner.

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